Select set up and maintain a reliable home generator

This complete and practical guide shows you step by step how to choose the best generator for your needs safely and properly install it and handle troubleshooting and maintenance. Home Generator Selection Installation and Repair covers a wide variety of models including those from the most popular manufacturers Briggs and Stratton Coleman and Honda. Nearly 150 photos and diagrams help you to identify the various electrical components. This hands on resource also describes the tools you’ll need and provides sources for additional information and discount parts.

Home Generator Selection Installation and Repair explains:

  • How to decipher the technical terminology used in generator manuals
  • Different types of fuels gasoline propane natural gas and diesel
  • How to evaluate a generator’s quality
  • Essential features including instrumentation protection from electroshock and large pneumatic tires for mobility
  • How to safely connect generator output to home or office circuits
  • Portable generator support requirements including proper fuel storage and an inventory of parts such as oil and air filters
  • Emergency fixes
  • Generator troubleshooting and repair procedures
  • Engine overhaul

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