Many great customers are enjoying their systems this weekend! Please read my positive feedback and buy with confidence. My line and all brass fittings are all Made In The USA. All of this coupled with a Genuine Honda Cap. The cap is a genuine Honda replacement cap that I have modified to work with this system. (I am not associated with Honda Motor Corporation other than I buy their products to make these systems) Don’t let other sellers “hype” about cheap quality fool you. This is a quality system that works as well or better than any out there…and I’ve managed to keep the price as low as possible for you. Don’t overpay for parts that you don’t need. Primer bulbs are not needed for these systems. Get the full advantage of your 5 gallons of extra fuel to run your generator all weekend or more without needing to refill!! Please note this system is a KIT to use with your gas can. BEWARE of METAL CAPS!! Metal trumps plastic every time. Your valuable Honda generator has plastic threads don’t take the chance of wrecking them with a bad metal cap or cross thread it just once!! There are many different types of caps out there but none that give you the advantage of original equipment. Stay with genuine Honda equipment and you can’t go wrong. 1 5 ft quick connect fuel line assembly ready to install on your tank. (the first picture details the actual KIT inside a 5 gallon tank (tank not included) the second picture is to show you the generator that it will work with.) 1 Honda OEM factory replacement cap (modified by me not by Honda Motor Corp) with threaded fittings (not glued and fitting is supplied)

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